CoffeeCup Video Recorder

CoffeeCup Video Recorder 3.0

Easily record videos for YouTube, MySpace and more


  • Support for many video sites
  • You can add new sites
  • Very easy to use, no need to configure anything


  • May be Too simple
  • Text overlays don't work properly


This video recorder tool has been especially designed to record video with your webcam and export it to any of the several video websites available nowadays on the Internet. Therefore, don't expect a high-tech video editor because CoffeeCup Video Recorder is not that; this tool is just a basic recorder with no quality options that works mostly as an optimizer for videos that will be embedded in websites.

CoffeeCup Video Recorder supports many popular video sites and what's more, allows you to add new ones to the list. We didn't have any problem when testing it with our webcam, although we didn't manage to get a text overlay on the image, not even checking the Help system.

In all, CoffeeCup Video Recorder is quite simple but at the same time very useful for those little fun clips you usually upload to the Internet.

With CoffeeCup Video Recorder anyone can get videos on these popular sites with no experience. Video Recorder can use any WebCam or video capture device to record video directly into the program. Once you have recorded the video, the real fun begins! You can add text overlays to brand your video, or add images to the beginning and end of the movie to give it "movie production" feel.

CoffeeCup Video Recorder walks you through the entire setup process step-by-step with easy to read instructions. Once your video has been recorded, simply click the produce video button and follow the on screen steps. In a matter of minutes, your videos will be live on the Web for everyone to see.

CoffeeCup Video Recorder


CoffeeCup Video Recorder 3.0

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